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Public Policy Online Voting System Announces Successful Nationwide Launch

Members can learn about and cast secure ballots on important federal, state, and local public policy issues, before they become law. Registration is free and is designed to engage citizens in the governance process., who has recently partnered with The George Jarkesy Show, is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative public policy online voting system on Friday evening August 10th at 6:00 p.m. EST, according to Chuck Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO.

Robert Murray, Coal and Energy Expert and Founder of Murray Energy Corp., Tells How Excessive Government Regulation Has Killed His Business

The George Jarkesy Show welcomes special guest Robert Murray who brings his insight about the coal industry to talk about government regulation and treatment of the coal industry.

Robert Murray, Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of Murray Energy Corporation appeared as a special guest on the nationally syndicated ‘The George Jarkesy Show’ this week. Murray Energy Corporation produces 30 million tons of coal annually, making it the largest independent coal mining operation in the United States. As one of the largest coal producers in the United States, Murray discussed President Obama’s “war on coal” and the significance it will have on energy prices in the future.

The George Jarkesy Show Releases Exclusive “Inside” Jarkesy Information

The George Jarkesy Show announces an opportunity for the public to gain exclusive premarket data by becoming a “Jarkesy Insider.”

The nationally syndicated financial and political talk show, The George Jarkesy Show, introduces an opportunity for the public to wake up to a pre market rundown of the good, the bad, and ugly in the global markets just by checking your email. During the premarket rundown specific equities, trends, sectors, and other market intelligence will be covered. Additionally, the daily 'Stock Watch' segment will be supplied by top financial analysts from around the world. Exclusive articles and best of clips are also provided commercial free.

George Jarkesy Acts Against ATT: The Arms Trade Treaty

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George Jarkesy Acts Against ATT: The Arms Trade Treaty

The George Jarkesy Show has initiated a petition against the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, a treaty that threatens America’s 2nd Amendment rights.

The George Jarkesy Show, a nationally syndicated financial-political talk show, has initiated a petition against The Arms Trade Treaty. George Jarkesy expressed on his show that The Arms Trade Treaty is a “travesty and something the American people need to know about.”

“Currency Matters” on The George Jarkesy Show with The Market Traders Institute

The George Jarkesy Show welcomes a new daily segment featuring the Market Traders Institute.

The nationally syndicated talk radio show, The George Jarkesy Show, announced that they are adding a new daily segment, which allows their listeners to receive insight from top analysts at the Market Traders Instituteon trading foreign currencies in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. The segment is named “Currency Matters” and will feature top analysts from the Market Traders Institute, the oldest Forex Education Institution in the world. A featured head analyst, Shawn Beecher, said that the segment will “inform listeners about the major things going on in the currency markets around the world which will help The George Jarkesy Show listeners make money.”